Book – www.R U in

Are you in danger while using today’s technology? Are your kids, family or students you work with in danger?

“www.R U in” takes a real life approach to these issues and addresses them in a way that everyone can learn from. Whether you are a student involved in these situations, a teacher trying to educate your students, a law enforcement officer who is dealing with cyber crime or a parent just trying to do your best to protect your children, “www.R U in” is a must read book for you.

Each chapter, through fictional stories based on real life scenarios, will heighten your awareness. The chapters will have an Internet Safety Savviness Challenge in which you will be challenged to figure out what went wrong or what you need to know.

Finally, there is advice on what did go wrong, how to deal with it and steps that could be taken to prevent it from happening again.

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Meet the Authors: Laurie Gifford Adams and Scott Driscoll

“When I first had the idea of putting my book together, I knew I had the perfect partner to work with, Laurie Gifford Adams. Laurie and I have been friends for years. When I was teaching the D.A.R.E. program I would watch how Laurie would interact with her students and how she became involved with their lives, not just as a teacher but a person the children could trust and talk to.

Laurie taught middle school language arts for about 30 years and has a passion for every single thing she does. When I asked her to join me on this project, from the second she said yes, it was a pleasure and honor to work with her. The final product  “www.R U In” is something we both are very proud of. Our goal was to put together a book from which parents could learn with their children and children could learn from their parents. The book can also be used by teachers working with students and law enforcement officers working with their communities.

“www.R U In” is not a technical how-to book but real-life scenarios seen through the eyes of a child. Everyone who reads this book can learn something new about technology and how to stay safe while using it.” ~Scott