Student Presentations

In today’s digital world students create a digital footprint of who they are. Some of these footprints can be very positive while others can be damaging and have long-term consequences.

Our presentations are designed to heighten the students awareness of potential dangers while still focusing on the positive aspects of technology.

Internet Safety Concepts offers the following presentations:

5th-6th Grade

The focus of this presentation is to get the students thinking about what could happen if they share too much information about themselves on-line. Through discussion and presentations, NOT LECTURING, the children are informed about what could happen if they are not thinking when they are on-line. Examples are shared on how things can get out of control quickly and why they have to think about safety while using technology.

Middle School

At this age, kids on-line are “brave” and think nothing of sharing all their personal information on-line with complete strangers. Instant messaging is “cool” if you have lots of “buddies”. Social networking sites are a rite of passage for this age. The more “cool” stuff on their sites and more information about themselves, the better the site looks. Is this safe? What does this tell the world about our children? The following topics are covered during this presentation:
Chat Rooms
Social Networking
Cyber Bullying
Dangers That Strangers Do On-Line
Texting Concerns

High School

Social Networking Sites. Is there a high school student who doesn’t have one of these? The majority of kids in this age group have one or possibly numerous sites. When kids were asked why they have them, the most common answer was either “everyone does” or “it’s cool”. With that logic, it’s easy to see why some predators may turn to social networking sites to stalk or find a victim. Through discussions, high school students are shown how easy it is to give out too much information and put themselves in danger.

Their awareness is also heightened by discussing how colleges and employers are now using social networking sites as part of background investigations. Students are also shown how what they do on the Internet may never go away and can come back to haunt them in the future.

Along with social networking, other topics discussed are cyberbullying, texting, sexting and other potentially dangerous areas.

Secondary Education

With current trends in today’s society, college students need to be aware of what they are doing on the Internet and the consequences of their actions. Today, more and more employers are including Internet activity as part of their background examinations for employment. No matter what the field, employers want to know the character of the people they are hiring and the Internet becomes an investigative tool for them to find out. What college students put on the Internet can and will have long term affects.

We have also seen in the news that cyber bullying is not just an incident that occurs in middle school. College students are under a lot of pressure and when you add the stress of being a victim of harassment or threatening, the results could be tragic.

Internet Safety Concepts works with college students to bring things to light on how to prevent themselves and other students from becoming victims and how to protect their own future.

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